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We currently have seven crane trucks and one mobile mixer truck to serve all your delivery needs. The crane trucks range from a single axle for steps and small deliveries to a 20 ton crane for our largest tanks.

You will need to provide access so we can back up to within ten feet of the setting location for most deliveries. An access path 12' wide and 13'-6" high is recommended.

A loaded truck can weigh up to 35 tons so expect to have ruts in the lawn when we are done. You will need to make the driver aware of any underground tanks or other structures that will not be able to take the load. Our drivers retain the right to refuse entry to a site if they feel it is too dangerous for the truck.

Woodards Model T Truck


Woodards Truck 5

Woodards Truck 7

Woodards Mobile Mixer

Woodards Truck 2

We still have one old style single axle truck for tight deliveries.
Here is former truck 2 setting the Woodstock monument in 1985.

Woodards Truck Boom

Woodards Truck 15