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Woodard's Concrete Products began in 1965 with Eben Woodard making concrete well tile in a back yard Quonset hut. By 1966 the Zwart family had purchased the company and started producing septic tanks.

Over the years, the facilities and product line have steadily grown. In 1971 we began offering the PermEntry basement entrance and in 1973 joined the National Precast Concrete Association. In 1972-73 we erected a new production building and in 1980 added a new office on the end of the shop.

The second production building was added in 1984 and a truck maintenance shop was added in 1988. A new office building was opened in 1993 and part of the production building was converted into a welding and form fabrication shop in 1997. Our production was also improved with a computer-controlled batch plant.

Products offerings that started with well tile and septic tanks have now grown to include dry wells, catch basins, manholes, steps, access ramps, custom tanks and much more.

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The Early Years

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