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Woodard's Concrete Products has installed hundreds of ramps since we started making these back in 1992. The precast option offers a cost effective solution for commercial ramps along with a fast installation time. Using precast sections allows us to utilize sonotube footings rather than more expensive footing walls with large excavations. Most ramps are installed in just one day with a second for adding the railings.

The precast ramps can be made in different widths and in almost any height needed for your job. The surface is broom finished for good traction and the sides are either smooth or broom finished. We can even cast a pattern in the sides or leave the sides inset so you can add your own stone veneer.

A light grey or white epoxy finish can be added for superior salt resistance and a more uniform color.

We can also custom make railings in wrought iron or pipe rail styles.

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Precast Ramp 1

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Precast Ramp

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