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Woodard's Concrete can make pond outlets to meet any requirements for your permanent pond or storm water retention pond.

Permanent pond outlets have aluminum top grates for many years of service with minimal maintenance. They can also be equipped with gate valves for easy draining of the pond.

Storm water retention ponds are designed to catch large volumes of runoff water from developments or commercial sites and let the water out slowly in order to decrease the problem of downstream flooding. They often have a series of smaller to larger openings which gradually increase the flow for larger storms.

Below is a generic drawing.

Woodars Storm Pond

Woodards Storm water Structure

We can also make temporary pond outlets made from polyethylene pipe for use on construction sites before the final concrete structure is installed. See the bottom right photo for one example.

In order to prevent pond water from seeping through the dam or soil berm, we supply Anti-Seep collars which attach to the outlet pipe and prevent washouts. These are attached at intervals along the pipe inside the dam.

Woodards Anti Seep Collar

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Woodards Storm Pond

Woodards Pond Outlet

Woodards Pond Outlet Structure

Woodards Outlet Structure

Woodards Temporary Pond Outlet